Industrial Sustainability

Do You Have Any Assets To Sell?

The meaning of industrial sustainability

Meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

The revenue generated from selling surplus assets is always the main priority; however, the impact this can have on your sustainability objectives is overwhelming.

As this is now one of the most important items on any boardroom agenda, we always prioritise industrial sustainability in whichever sales option you choose.

As New England work with organisations across the world we understand the importance of reducing environmental impact in anything you do as a business that’s why we always ensure these values are met.

New England can help you take care of the human, social, economic, and environmental impact of the asset disposal process by:

  • Ensuring Compliance
    • Using a managed asset disposal process ensures that proper legal protections are in place, and they comply with applicable corporate and government regulations
  • Landfill Avoidance
    • The selling of surplus assets diverts a substantial of equipment from landfill
  • Environmental Recycling
    • You as a business can be safe in the knowledge you are contributing to an environmentally friendly, safe and secure recycling process
  • Financial gain to the business
    • Unlocking hidden profits by recycling surplus assets as a huge impact on any business
  • Support start-ups with more financially viable buying options
    • As we all know starting a business can be challenging financially; recycling surplus assets allows these businesses to buy machinery / equipment at affordable prices