Asset Disposal Solution

After years of dedicated service in the engineering sector, RPS Engineering Ltd in Birmingham has decided to close its doors due to the owner’s retirement. This transition marks the end of an era for the company, which has been a trusted name in the industry. Recognising the need for a seamless and efficient asset disposal process, RPS Engineering Ltd engaged New England Asset Disposal to manage the entire process from start to finish.

Preparation and Cataloguing

Our team  began by meticulously preparing all machinery and equipment for cataloguing. This involved a thorough assessment of over 120 lots, ensuring that each item was accurately described and photographed to attract potential buyers. The detailed cataloge was then presented to the market, showcasing the high-quality assets available from RPS Engineering Ltd.

 Benefits of Using an Asset Disposal Partner

Choosing an asset disposal partner like New England Asset Disposal offers significant advantages over attempting to organize the sale independently:

1. Expertise and Experience: Our team has extensive experience in handling industrial asset sales, ensuring every aspect of the process is managed professionally and efficiently.
2. Comprehensive Marketing: We employ targeted marketing strategies to reach a broad audience of potential buyers, maximizing the visibility of your assets.
3. Time and Stress Savings: Managing the sale of industrial assets can be time-consuming and complex. We handle everything from cataloging to marketing and sales, allowing you to focus on other priorities.
4. Optimized Returns:Our professional approach and market knowledge help in achieving the best possible returns for your assets.

 Outright Purchase and On-Site Sales

For RPS Engineering Ltd, we offered an outright purchase option, providing immediate financial return and removing the uncertainty of the auction process. Additionally, we facilitated sales directly from the site, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction.

Hassle-Free Collections

One of the key services we provided was organizing all site collections. Our team coordinated with buyers to schedule and oversee the removal of purchased items, ensuring everything was handled safely and efficiently. This comprehensive service meant that the owner of RPS Engineering Ltd did not have to worry about the logistical challenges of the disposal process.

Contact Us

If you are considering closing your business and need a reliable partner to handle your asset disposal, please feel free to contact us. Our team is ready to provide the expertise and support you need for a successful and stress-free transition.

New England Asset Disposal is proud to present an online auction featuring the complete contents of RPS Engineering Ltd’s workshop, available due to the owner’s retirement. This auction includes a wide range of high-quality machinery and equipment. Visit our website to view the catalog and participate in the auction.

Online Auction of the Complete Contents of an Engineering Workshop

Location: Birmingham, U.K.
Type: Timed Online Auction
Lots: 128

Featured used machinery lots that were available

Used XYZ CNC Mill

Used Mazak CNC Lathe

Used Sunnen Precision Honing Machine

Used Colchester Triumph 2000 Gap Bed Lathe