Strategic Disposal of Komatsu’s Machinery and Equipment during Plant Relocation


This case study outlines the successful acquisition and disposal of Komatsu’s machinery and equipment during the closure of their manufacturing plant in the UK, necessitated by a relocation of operations to Eastern Europe. New England Auctioneers offered a comprehensive solution, including outright purchase, clearance, dismantling, transportation, and a strategic sale approach, resulting in the efficient disposal of heavy machine tools used in mining equipment manufacturing.


Komatsu, a leading global manufacturer of heavy equipment and machinery, decided to close their manufacturing plant in the UK and shift operations to Eastern Europe. This relocation prompted the need to sell all their machinery and equipment in the UK. New England Auctioneers, known for their expertise in industrial asset management, was entrusted with this substantial project.

Acquisition and Clearance

New England Auctioneers offered Komatsu an outright purchase deal, which encompassed the clearance of heavy machine tools utilized in manufacturing mining equipment. The machinery was substantial, with weights reaching up to 45 tonnes. The clearance required specialized dismantling and handling equipment due to the machinery’s size and complexity.

Dismantling and Transportation

To meet the strict deadline for site clearance, a specialized team was deployed to dismantle and prepare the equipment for transportation. The dismantling process was executed with precision and efficiency, ensuring the machinery was prepared for safe transit. Specialist equipment was employed to handle the massive weights of the machinery during transportation.

Finding Buyers and Global Distribution

New England Auctioneers leveraged their extensive network and industry connections to identify potential buyers for the acquired equipment. The machinery and equipment found buyers in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, the UK, and India, catering to a diverse international market. This strategic distribution ensured optimal returns, and facilitated the efficient relocation of the machinery.

Private Treaty Sale

Utilising a Private Treaty sale approach, New England Auctioneers presented the acquired equipment to potential buyers. This approach allowed for negotiations and tailored agreements, ensuring the best possible deals and maximizing the value of the assets. The efficiency and transparency of the Private Treaty sale were pivotal in expediting the disposal process


New England Auctioneers effectively demonstrated their competence in handling the acquisition and disposal of heavy machinery and equipment for Komatsu during the relocation of their manufacturing plant. Through a strategic approach that encompassed dismantling, transportation, and targeted global sales, the project was completed within the stipulated timeframe. The successful Private Treaty sale facilitated a smooth transition for Komatsu while ensuring optimal returns on the machinery.