Maximising Value Through Strategic Asset Disposal: How New England is Supporting Avon Tyres Ltd in Their Historic Factory Closure.

Avon Tyres Ltd, an esteemed name in the tire manufacturing industry with over 118 years of legacy, recently made the historic decision to conclude tire production at its Melksham facility in England. Established in 1904, Avon Tyres Ltd earned a reputation for manufacturing high-quality tires, contributing to the automotive sector’s growth and innovation. However, changing market dynamics prompted the company to reassess its operational footprint, leading to the decision to cease production at the Melksham facility. This marked a significant shift in the industrial landscape, necessitating strategic measures for asset disposal and site clearance.

In response to Avon Tyres Ltd’s decision to conclude tyre production at its Melksham facility, New England has been appointed as the asset disposal partner. The auctions for all used machinery, equipment, track bikes, and alloys are now live on our website at Our team is actively marketing and promoting all assets to ensure maximum exposure and participation.

Asset Disposal Strategy:

Drawing upon our extensive database worldwide, the New England team provided strategic advice on the auction strategy. Our main priority is to maximise the value of the assets to generate as much income as possible for Avon Tyres Ltd. With reserves set low and interest running high, automotive and tyre manufacturers seeking used equipment are urged to register their interest promptly.All assets from machinery, to alloys, are available online 

Online Auction Sales and Website Promotion:

The auctions are live now and accessible on our website. Our team understands the challenges facing the manufacturing and engineering industry, with businesses undergoing restructuring, retiring, or closing. As one of the fastest UK auctioneers specialising in asset disposal, New England offers solutions ranging from individual machines to entire facilities.

Tom Heath, Director of New England, emphasises the testing times businesses face and the importance of long-term solutions. “Our team can help in advising and offering solutions to their long-term goals. Sometimes selling the assets is not necessarily the best way, as markets are volatile, and values fluctuate with the economy. We are a trusted name in the industry with over 50 years of trading. We will advise on what’s best for your company, prioritising sustainable solutions over quick gains.”

Supporting Businesses as a Family Business:

As a family business, New England understands the pressures companies face and aims to assist as many as possible. Our approach prioritises the long-term success and sustainability of our clients, ensuring that each decision aligns with their unique needs and circumstances.

The partnership between Avon Tyres Ltd and New England exemplifies proactive collaboration and strategic asset management in the context of factory closure and site clearance. Through transparent auction processes, extensive market knowledge, and a commitment to long-term solutions, New England aims to maximise value realisation and support businesses in navigating challenging times.

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