Sell your used machinery and equipment?

If your looking to sell your used machinery and equipment then New England can help. We specialise in buying and selling used machinery and equipment from all commercial and industrial sectors. From buying individual CNC machines to production lines and whole facilities.

Maximise the true value of your assets.

Our team of professionals can help you maximise the true value of your assets. We also offer full turnkey solutions for site closures due to retirement, financial reasons, or relocations by providing valuations and business advisory services.

Online Auction Of a Mollart CNC 3 Axis deep Hole Drilling Machine

If you want to sell your engineering machinery privately, here are some steps to follow:

  • Determine the value of your machinery: Before you can sell your machinery, you need to determine its value. You can use online valuation tools, consult with our team or review recent transactions for similar equipment to help determine an estimate of its value.
  • Prepare your machinery: Ensure that your engineering machinery is in good condition. Repair or maintain it to be in the best possible working condition.
  • List your machinery for sale: Consider listing your machinery for sale on various online classified platforms or machinery-specific websites. Here at New England, we have our own auction platform that you are able to use. Click the link to send us your machinery details
  • Advertise your machinery: Advertise your machinery for sale in relevant industry publications or newsletters and with similar businesses that may be interested in purchasing. We have an extensive global database and we can send out your machine to our list of buyers.
  • Prepare related documentation: Assemble the machinery’s paperwork, including instruction manuals, maintenance records, and repair history.
  • Respond to enquiries: Respond to enquiries about your machinery for sale promptly, and share the necessary details and specifications with potential customers.
  • Site Visits and Viewings : If someone is interested in purchasing, allow them to inspect your machinery to verify its condition and help them make informed decisions.
  • Close the sale: Once an offer is made and both parties agree upon the details, you can close the sale and transfer ownership of the machinery.

Selling engineering and manufacturing machinery is time-consuming and overwhelming sometimes, but by following these steps, you can maximise the sale chances. If you are unsure of where to start we are always happy to advise. We can help sell on your behalf or actually buy from you directly. Call 0121 5449867 or email our team today to help advise on the best solution.