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Are you looking to sell your Used Metalworking Machinery? New England buy and sell all types of used machinery from used sheet metal machinery, used lathes; used milling machines and various used CNC machines. The metalworking industry is continually developing and incorporating better technology to enhance efficiency, precision, and overall capabilities. Just like many other industries, advancements in technology have a significant impact on metalworking, leading to improvements in various aspects of the manufacturing process. machines in various industries, including metalworking, are being replaced or upgraded due to advancements in new technology. This process is often referred to as technological obsolescence or technological displacement. As new technologies emerge and prove to be more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective, older machines may become outdated or less competitive in comparison. These used metalworking machines continue to be in demand and there is a significant market for them.

How does New England Buy and sell used metalworking machinery?

On a daily basis, New England buys, metalworking machinery from companies looking to dispose of their used assets.

We buy used metalworking machinery when companies are looking to upgrade so need to dispose of the equipment. When companies are closing down and they need to dispose of all metalworking machinery and equipment. We then offer our full site clearance option so the client can concentrate on closing the business. We buy and sell a variety of types, ranging from CNC machines to manual tools. Here are some common types of used metalworking machinery we buy and sell.


 CNC Machines: CNC Lathes CNC Milling Machines CNC Routers CNC Plasma Cutters CNC Laser Cutter

Manual Machines: Manual Lathe, Manual Milling Machines, Drilling Machines, Grinding Machines, Bandsaws, Shearing Machines, Punch Presses

    Welding Equipment: MIG Welders, TIG Welders Arc Welders, Welding Positioners

     Sheet Metal Machinery: Bending Machines, Punching Machines, Notching Machines

     Metal Forming Machinery: Hydraulic Presses, Mechanical Presses, Roll Forming Machines

    Finishing Equipment: Deburring Machines, Polishing Machines, Vibratory Tumblers

    Cutting Tools: Carbide Inserts, End Mills, Drills

     Other Specialized Equipment: Casting Machines, Heat Treatment Furnaces, Inspection and Measurement Equipment

    Asset Management process for disposal of assets

    In our approach at New England, asset management is our meticulous process of handling, evaluating, and optimizing assets throughout their lifecycle, with a primary focus on their eventual disposal. We kick off with a thorough assessment, cataloging each asset and determining its value accurately. From there, we craft a strategic plan, considering factors like market conditions and client objectives, to ensure the most effective and value-driven disposal methods.

    how to recycle old metalworking machinery

    Recycling used metalworking machinery can be a responsible way to dispose of equipment that is no longer in use. But before you dispose of your used equipment, its worth checking to see if there is still value in your assets. 

    Reusing and Reselling
    – If the machinery is still functional, consider selling it to individuals, businesses, or industries that can use it.

    – Donate machinery to vocational schools, training centers, or nonprofits that can utilize it for educational purposes.

    Scrap Metal Recycling:
    – If machinery is non-functional, it’s likely to be processed as scrap metal. The recycling center will dismantle it to recover valuable metals.

    Remember that recycling practices and regulations vary by location, so adhere to guidelines set by local authorities and recycling facilities. Responsible recycling supports sustainability and reduces waste. Unsure? Get in contact and we can advise on the best way to dispose of your used metalworking machinery. 

    Ready to Boost Your Cash?

    How To Sell Metalworking Machinery

    1. Seller Engagement

    Seller Engagement: Sellers interested in auctioning their used machinery contact the auctioneer or auction house to express their intention.

    2. Inspection and Valuation

    Inspection and Valuation: Auctioneers typically arrange to inspect the machinery on-site to assess its condition, functionality, and market value. This helps determine the starting bid or reserve price.

    Contact our valuations team by emailing them at or filling out our selling machinery enquiry form

    3. Auction Agreement

    Once the inspection is complete, the auctioneer and the seller enter into an agreement that outlines the terms of the auction, including fees, commissions, and any reserve price.

    Here at New England, we have a variety of different options on how you can sell your used machinery and equipment. For a full breakdown you can read more info here


    Market your assets through our differnet sales platforms, e.g auction, private treaty sale, commission sale.

    We offer our clients a variety of different options when it comes to asset selling.

    5. Auction event

    We offer full client support and audit trail of asset disposal though the sales process.

    1. Auction Event: On the designated auction day, potential buyers will bid online, to participate in the bidding process.

    2. Bidding:  Bidders will place their bids online. 

    3. Price Increase: As participants bid higher, the price increases incrementally. 

    4. Winning Bidder: The highest bid wins the machinery. If the final bid meets or exceeds the reserve price (if there is one), the machinery is sold. If not, the seller has the option to accept or decline the highest bid.

    1. Payment and Documentation: The winning bidder pays the bid amount and any applicable fees. The auctioneer provides documentation like a bill of sale and transfer of ownership.

    2. Collection or Shipping: The winning bidder arranges for the collection or shipping of the machinery, depending on the terms outlined in the auction agreement.

     We have a fast turnaround and can remove your used machinery and assets quickly due to our facilities at head office. We have a 15,000sq ft factory with 20 Tonne Overhead crane. We can react exceptionally quickly.

    Commission sale – we can sell from your site and we take a commission price from the final sale price.

    Guaranteed Price – As value experts we will guarantee a set price. This option guarantees you a final fixed payment which takes away your risk.


    What type of metalworking machinery do new England buy?

    Here at New England we buy all types of used metalworking equipment and machinery. Below is an example

    1. Used CNC Machines,  2. Used Manual Machines, 3. Used Welding Equipment, 4. Used Sheet Metal Machinery, 5. Used Metal Forming Machinery, 6. Used Finishing Equipment, 7. Cutting Tools, 8. Other Specialized Equipment:

    Do you offer a site closure option for Metalworking Companies

    Yes. We specialise in site closures for specialist metalworking companies. Whether you are retiring, restructuring or closing down due to financial reasons, we can project manage the whole closure for your business.

    Do you sell used machine tools and engineering machinery?

    Yes. We hold 100’s of used engineering machinery auctions per month. Engineering machinery is one of New Englands most recognised sector. You can see our current auctions here ⇒ here

    How does New England Auctions buy and sell metalworking parts?

    To get the ball rolling we need our clients to fill out an asset information sheet. We need to understand the type of used engineering machinery you want to sell so we can advise on the best sales strategy. We will also require photos or videos to provide a valuation. If you have a large amount of used engineering equipment and tooling for sale, a site visit is probably advisable. Head up to our contact page and fill out the form.

    Whats the best way to sell my used metalworking machinery

    There are a variety of ways you can sell your used matalworking machinery. Read our blog here, or if you want New England to sell on your behalf please get in touch.

    Once we understand what used assets you are looking to sell, our valuations team will be in touch. We have a variety of options for our clients. We might make an outright purchase for your used metalworking machinery, or we may advise to sell on a commission basis, and sell on your behalf. We want to maximise the profit for your business, so we will advise on the best scenario for you.