Selling our clients assets is sometimes only half of the process, the other half being a Site Clearance.

Site Clearance

Do You Have Any Assets To Sell?

We are specialists in Full Site and Factory Clearances.

Whether you are closing your site, relocating your business or simply retiring, New England can manage and advise on the best process to enable a hassle-free factory clearance service.

For over 50 years, we have helped thousands of manufacturing and engineering businesses clear their site and sell their business assets. By opting for a bespoke clearance option, we lower clearance costs by maximising the financial returns for your industrial and commercial equipment.

We specialise in full factory clearances and are becoming one of the UK’s leading disposal partners for engineering and manufacturing businesses.

 See our testimonial below from UYS Ltd. We cleared their whole site, and sold over 17,000 lots to buyers all over the world.  To view the full case study click here


Understanding our delicate and sad situation of permanent closure alongside the tight time frame required to totally clear the site was paramount.

New England’s management & communication to UYS staff at all levels is applauded. Their hard work and dedication to the UYS team have made a difficult situation that somewhat easier.

I would have no trouble recommending New England as an asset disposal partner, and site clearance specialist. I would personally like to thank New England & IPP for being pragmatic & efficient throughout.

Thank you

Colin Thomson

Colin Thomson

Senior Manager, UYS Ltd

Dismantling and demolition

Our team of engineers dismantle plant and machinery from facilities daily. From single machines to whole production lines. You can rest assured that our team can react quickly and within budget.

We offer

  • Production line decommissioning
  • Machinery and Equipment decommissioning
  • Plant and Facility decommissioning
  • Machinery Relocations
  • Industrial Relocations
  • Machine Moving Specialists
  • Machine Cleaning and Preparation

New England can generate income from your assets. If you are looking to completely clear your site we can guide you and find assets that you probably didn’t even know had value. We can find value in our factory clearance services to negate clearance costs.

We can offer a bespoke solution to your asset disposal needs. We can buy all your assets at an agreed price and clear your whole factory. Or we can offer a factory clearance online auction and prepare all your assets to take to the market. There are other options available, call our team today to arrange a site visit and find the best solution for your factory clearance.


When clearing out factories there will always be scrap metal, disposal of old machinery and equipment. New England manages and advises on the best ways to recycle or dispose of unwanted scrap because not only do we want to help you, but we also want to do this in a sustainable and ethical way. We all need to be doing our bit for the environment.


Not only do we offer exceptional Site and Factory Clearances, but we can also project manage and advise on any dilapidation works you may have. More often than not, when clients need to relocate they responsible for handing back the factory to the landlord in an agreed condition, this usually requires some remedial or dilapidation work carrying out.

Because we have helped 100s of clients over our 50 year journey on full factory clearances and dilapidation works, we appreciate It’s a stressful time, and having to arrange a factory clearance can be a minefield. So we take that stress away by managing the whole process for you.

Site and Factory Clearance

Asset Disposal

 Recycling and scrap metal collection

Cleaning and Prepping

Full Dilapidation Works and handover

And you will be assigned a project manager for the whole factory clearance process. Our PM will manage and liaise with you and your team on a weekly basis, advise on the best factory clearance options for you, arrange and manage collections and asset removal, liaise with contractors and subcontractors on your behalf and leave you with a empty factory ready for handover or sale.

Call now to arrange a site visit with our factory clearance specialists or email

In some cases the post sale clearance is a major project.

Whether it is a small manageable item or 100,000kg plastic injection moulder, New England has the expertise and infrastructure to offer our clients a clearance solution.

We also have a selection of approved and vetted contractors to help our buyers organise loading and shipping of their purchased assets.

What is a site Clearance?

When a business is closing down and needs to sell everything on site – be it a factory, office or plant – a seamless site clearance is required.

What this involves

This involves clearing a site of any machinery or heavy equipment, surplus materials, waste or unwanted products, dismantling and even relocation of a business.

Use trusted experts

It is for this reason that having a trusted, expert team of specialists on-hand with the appropriate equipment and experience to carry out such a big job, is vital.

Why choose New England Auctions

No matter now big or small the site clearance is, and whether it is a small manageable business or 20 x 100,000kg plastic injection moulder, New England has the expertise and infrastructure to offer our clients a complete site clearance solution.

Expert attention to detail and professionalism

Boasting over five decades in the site service industry, our attention to detail, professionalism and customer focus makes us the best possible fit for any site clearance. Our quick turnaround time also gives you maximum control over your operations. Need to be out of the premises quick? We can clear your site in as soon as a week in some sectors.

Approved and vetted contractors

We also have a selection of approved and vetted contractors to help our clients offload their unwanted assets, dealing with the full loading and shipping process to take the hassle off your hands.

Turn your machinery into cash

You wouldn’t throw money down the drain, so why do businesses throw away their surplus, yet fully saleable equipment? Before you rush to clear a site, enlist our team who can turn these assets into valuable cash for you and your business.

New England offers its clients a full turnkey solution for a complete site clearance solution, even offering dilapidation works. Not only can we dispose of your used equipment and used machinery, we can also work with landlords and their clients delivering dilapidation and full refurbishment works to their Industrial and Commercial facilities.

Project manage full site clearances

Not only this, but our team can project manage the full site clearance and the relocation of your business, from start to finish. We provide this service for small business owner, Tier 1 Manufacturing Businesses and also work with Insolvency practitioners by assisting them with recovery after a business closure.

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