New England have recently been appointed by a major finance company to sell their Atacam Al1390 CNC Laser Cutter and a Atacam Ar3 3015 CNC Router. New England were appointed after a company went into liquidation in the Summer of 2022.  The team specialise in asset recovery and asset disposal and work with numerous finance companies throughout the UK.

Within a 24 hour timeframe, we reacted and briefed the team on the process required for this type of asset recovery. With 2 large specialist machines, our team had to coordinate disconnection, movement and recovery of the assets back to our Midlands based warehouse.

What sets us apart from other asset recovery companies is the speed and precision of recovery, because we have our own 15,000sq ft warehouse our team can make space and bring the assets back to the Head Quarters.

Asset recovery can be a difficult process and our team have specialised in this field for a number of years. We retain our relationships with the finance companies by ensuring the best chance of maximising the return on the recovered items.

Once the asset recovery has been completed and the machines are back with New England, our team get to work with the assets by cleaning them and cataloging the individual items ready to be presented on our online auction website.

Our Client commented

“We cannot thank New England enough for their consistent and reliability in the asset recovery process. Their professionalism and empathetic approach with our clients is commendable”

Our clients typically include: individuals, lease companies, solicitors, law firms, banks and other finance houses.

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