Why should you sell used machinery?

Do You Have Any Assets To Sell?

When you are looking to sell second hand industrial equipment & machinery, there are a few steps you will need to take. Selling used machinery requires an accurate appraisal of quality and how it was used. You can opt to sell it yourselves or with a dedicated company.

New England uses auctions, private treaty sales, and bespoke sales strategies to sell used machinery to get the best price for your industrial equipment. Our turnaround from initial valuation to sale can be extremely quick with an immediate pay out for asset purchase sales. Selling used machinery can help with offsetting costs for newer machines, release money from assets to invest back into the business, and economically remove industrial equipment & machinery you no longer require.


What do we do before selling your second hand machinery?

Clean it

The first thing we need to do is get the used machinery looking as new as possible. A deep clean will show the potential buyer that this machine was looked after and therefore increase the money you can get. Removing all grease, grime, unnecessary stickers, pads and calendars to increase the image of the used machinery.

Live demo

Even better than photographs, a video demonstration will give a larger sense of credibility. We can record a video of the machinery in action which will show that the product is still in great working order. Close ups of the machine, e.g. a CNC Lathe for instance, show how accurate and reliable the used machinery is even after years of use.


Like any industry selling second hand items, the first thing your potential buyers will see is the pictures. When we take photos of your used machinery, we take well lit photos taken from all angles. The more we can show in these images then the better chance of a quick sale. Selling second hand machinery requires as much scrutiny as possible as these machines are an expensive investment, so try to be as honest as possible.

Accurate description

Above all, we provide honest description for any product we list. For this we need honest from you the seller. If there are some scuffs and chips on the paint that haven’t been sorted, then make sure they are visible. The more information a buyer has, the quicker they can make a decision.

What sales options can New England provide?

There are a few ways New England can help with selling used machinery. Some specialist or high valued assets are not suitable for auction, so we will tailor a bespoke Private Treaty Sales solution for you. If you are moving site and buying new machinery, we can offer you a price based on an entire site removal so you can sell second hand machinery all in one go!

What kind of machine can New England buy?

Not just machinery but also office furniture, canteen equipment, and even whole production facilities. If your business has assets to sell, New England can provide you a sales solution. We have worked with Manufacturing, Metalworking, and Woodworking companies; to sell a range of machines from CNC lathe, Shot blasting machines, to entire production lines. We can also help Automotive companies looking to sell their non-stationary assets such as a forklift truck.

Why should you choose New England for selling used machinery?

New England has been in business since 1970 and has grown over time to be one of the fastest growing asset disposal specialists in the UK. From Manufacturing to transport, New England offers a personal touch to a commercial industry. The company uses its over 100 years of experience between 3 directors to get best value for each and every client. Contact us today and see how we can get the best value for your unused facilities.