Site Disposal
Do you have an entire plant to sell?

Do You Have Any Assets To Sell?

Site Disposal

The technology involved in manufacturing machinery is constantly changing. Innovations in design and efficiency has led to a fast paced, and somewhat volatile, market. When you need to update your older machinery, you want to make sure you are getting the best price and have that cash as soon as possible. You can choose to sell privately, but you could be waiting a long time to shift unwanted assets; especially if you are looking to sell a complete plant worth of assets. New England is here to sell your plant for you, so you can liquidate those assets quickly.


Why would you sell your complete plant to New England?

Selling off your assets individually is a time-consuming endeavour and means recouping the costs are based on private interest. Selling the complete plant to New England in its entirety can yield a quick offer from our valuers, upon agreement of the price you get immediate payment, and New England takes care of the dismantling and transportation.

Commission sale

If you are looking for a low-risk solution to sell your plant assets, then we can explore the commission-based sales model. New England will value the asset and proceed to sell it from on site. Whatever the final sale value is, we then take a commission fee from that. The more we can sell your assets for, the better.

Guarantee sale

When we give you a valuation of the asset, we can also offer you a guaranteed sale value. Meaning you know exactly how much you will be getting for it. Knowing how much you will get can help with other parts of your business, such as budgeting and funds.

Site visit and evaluation

New England will come to your manufacturing plant to get the most accurate evaluation possible. Our experts will ensure you get the best price and will talk you through our sales and strategy proposal. Each company we work with gets a bespoke solution that matched their requirements.

private treaty sale

Not every asset is going to be suitable for sale via auction, New England will need to look at more bespoke option, such as the private treaty sale solution. This is where we will go directly to potential buyers on your behalf, meeting with them face-to-face. Complete plant disposal of equipment will contain some specialised and specific assets that just aren’t suitable for auction. We will then arrange removal, delivery and payment for you.

Why should you choose New England for a complete plant disposal?

New England has a global stage to sell used machinery, and since 1970 we are one of the fastest growing asset disposal specialists in the UK. We have successfully handled many complete plant disposal projects within a multitude of sectors. Wherever there is a need to get the latest machinery, we have helped to sell a complete plant worth of assets! Contact us today and see how we can get the best value for your unused facilities.