The most efficient way of disposing of Industrial & Commercial assets.

Online Machinery Auctions

Do You Have Any Assets To Sell?

It is widely recognised that online auctions are now the most efficient way of disposing of industrial & commercial assets.

New England are one of the U.K.’s fastest growing online auctioneers holding on average 300 asset & machinery auctions per year.

Using a combination of our own comprehensive database, print advertising and e-advertising our asset & machinery auctions attract buyers on a global scale recently selling assets to Asia, USA, South America & Africa as well as UK and Europe.

Whether you have a single item or a complete plant for disposal New England has a solution for you.

We can offer the following:

Commission Sale

New England sell the assets on your behalf and retain a commission.

Guaranteed Value Sale

New England sell the assets on your behalf with a guaranteed final sale value.

Outright Purchase

New England will purchase your assets with immediate payment upon agreement and remove to an agreed schedule giving absolute guarantees of the site being cleared within an agreed time scale. We can also remove the assets from site prior to auction if required.

In all of the above solutions we are able to offer our site managing and clearance services providing our clients with a comprehensive asset disposal solution.

What are online auctions?  

Auctions have been a great source of acquisition for hundreds of years, as early as 1674. Since then, technology has progressed exponentially to where almost everything is online. Online auctions are in principle the same as traditional auctions where people bid on commodities in the hopes of getting a good deal. New England is the fastest-growing online auctioneering website, holding an average of 300 auctions a year.  

What online auctions do New England offer? 

There are two main ways that New England offers online auctions depending on certain needs or requirements. 

Asset disposal auctions 

There are cases where asset auctions are required for a fast and effective disposal solution. In these instances, New England will offer immediate payment and deal with the removal and disposal process within an agreed timeframe. If you are to a strict deadline to remove items from the site, this is the best way to ensure that goal is met. It can be for one item; it can be for an entire factory full of facilities; New England will work to help with Asset Liquidation. Industrial Asset Buying and Commercial Asset Buying is key to releasing the money in unused items 

Private treaty sales 

Sometimes there is a need for a face-to-face meeting to guide potential buyers through the purchase and removal process. Internet auction services are not always suitable for some industrial and commercial assets. Expensive Machinery may need to be inspected to make sure it is up to code for certain uses. With the option of Outright Purchase, Private Treaty Sales, as well as asset auctions, New England have a guaranteed sale value in place to make sure companies get a certain amount. 

Why would someone use an online auction? 

A traditional auction room requires people to come to the venue in most cases; an online auction offers a wider scope for sale. Having more opportunities to sell to national and international clients gives online asset auctions a higher potential to increase value. Due to the reduced costs of putting on an online auction, this means Commission sales fees can be lower and can save money. Not only costs, but they can also save time as there is no need to travel. Due to the flexibility of online asset auctions, New England can engage in industrial asset buying, through purchasing, disposing and selling. Making the process completely effortless for any company that may need asset liquidation. Commercial asset buying is also possible due to the capital New England possess. 

 Why should you choose New England for online auctions? 

New England has been in business since 1970 and has grown over time to be one of the fastest growing asset disposal specialists in the UK. Across a multitude of industries, from Manufacturing to transport, New England offers a personal touch to a commercial industry.  The company uses its over 100 years of experience between 3 directors to get best value for each and every client. Contact us today and see how we can get the best value for your unused facilities.