Plastics & Rubber

Plastics and Rubber

New England has excellent knowledge of the Plastics & Rubber industry, since the early 1990’s we have been dealing with plastics machinery and now auction more plastic related assets, than any other asset disposal specialist in the UK. We have plastic and rubber buyers across the globe and are able offer a comprehensive disposal service.

With the high demand now seen within the plastic & rubber industry, the manufacturers are rushing to keep up with the rising global demand.   New investments are taking place which is releasing used machinery into the marketplace. With our extensive database in this sector New England will be able to sell your assets in a professional and efficient way.

We can provide cash guarantees or outright purchases from individual machines to complete facilities. Our team has Industry machine knowledge and expertise in

  • injection molding equipment
  • blow molding
  • granulation
  • mixing and powder handling
  • plastic extrusion
  • rubber extrusion
  • compression molding
  • blown film
  • blending
  • dehumidifying
  • labeling and packaging
  • shop and factory equipment


Call our team on 0121 544 9867 or contact us through our page  if you would like to discuss any of our sales methods or if you have Plasic and rubber machinery for sale.