Are you looking to sell your Used Engineering Machinery? New England buy and sell all types of used machinery from used lathes; used milling machines, used grinding machines, used saws, used drills and various used pressing machines.  We understand that the industry is developing new technology  and companies are having to upgrade to keep up with the competition and new trends. If you need to sell your outdated or surplus machinery, then our team can help. Developing countries are wanting to buy good quality used machinery and we have buyers all over the world waiting to buy all types of used machinery.

How does New England Buy and sell used engineering machinery?

On a daily basis, New England buys engineering machinery from companies looking to dispose of their used assets. 

Engineering machinery is a broad category that includes a range of tools and equipment designed to support construction and manufacturing processes. Here are some of the most common types of engineering machinery that we buy and sell:

  1. CNC Machines
  2. Lathes
  3. Milling Machines
  4. Grinders
  5. Deep hole borers
  6. Injection Moulding Machines
  7. Bandsaws
  8. Sheet metal & Fabrication Machinery
  9. Horizontal Machining Centres
  10. Vertical Machining Centres

These are just a few examples of the used engineering machinery that we buy. If your company is looking to sell, then click the button below

Asset Management process for disposal of assets

In our approach at New England, asset management is our meticulous process of handling, evaluating, and optimizing assets throughout their lifecycle, with a primary focus on their eventual disposal. We kick off with a thorough assessment, cataloging each asset and determining its value accurately. From there, we craft a strategic plan, considering factors like market conditions and client objectives, to ensure the most effective and value-driven disposal methods.

circular economy

Recycling used engineering equipment

Recycling used engineering machinery can be a great way to reduce your environmental impact, while also disposing of machinery that is no longer needed. The following are some tips on how to recycle used engineering machinery:


Identify the material

Before recycling, it is important to identify the materials that make up the machinery. Different materials have different recycling processes, so it is important to know what you are working with.

Find a recycling centre

Look for a recycling center that accepts the materials you want to recycle. Some centers specialize in certain materials, so it is important to find one that will accept your specific materials.

prepare the machinery

Remove any hazardous components, such as batteries or oil, before recycling. This will ensure that the recycling process is safe and effective. Transport the machinery to the recycling center. If the machinery is large, you may need to hire a professional to transport it.


follow guidelines

Follow the recycling guidelines provided by the recycling center. This may include separating materials or preparing them in a certain way.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your used engineering machinery is recycled properly and safely. Recycling can help reduce waste and protect the environment, so it is important to do your part.

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What type of engineering machinery do new England buy?

Here at New England we buy all types of used engineering equipment and machinery. From conventional machine tools to state of the art CNC turning lathes.

Do you offer a site closure option for engineering companies

Yes. We specialise in site closures for engineering companies. Whether you are retiring, restructuring or closing down due to financial reasons, we can project manage the whole closure for your business.

Do you sell used machine tools and engineering machinery?

Yes. We hold 100’s of used engineering machinery auctions per month. Engineering machinery is one of New Englands most recognised sector. You can see our current auctions here ⇒ here

How does New England Auctions buy and sell engineering parts?

To get the ball rolling we need our clients to fill out an asset information sheet. We need to understand the type of used engineering machinery you want to sell so we can advise on the best sales strategy. We will also require photos or videos to provide a valuation. If you have a large amount of used engineering equipment and tooling for sale, a site visit is probably advisable. Head up to our contact page and fill out the form. 

whats the best way to sell my used engineering machinery

once we understand what used assets you are looking to sell, our valuations team will be in touch. We have a variety of options for our clients. We might make an outright purchase for your used engineering machinery, or we may advise to sell on a commission basis, and sell on your behalf. We want to maximise the profit for your business, so we will advise on the best scenario for you.