Automotive Manufacturing

The automotive manufacturing Industry is a vital part of the global economy, and in the UK its worth more than £78.9 Billion alone. New England specialise in the sale of complete manufacturing facilities within the Automotive Industry. Whether you are relocating, upgrading or closing we can assist in the sale of individual assets or whole plants.

New England Asset Solutions stands as a prominent entity in the realm of automotive machinery. Significantly bolstering the domestic economy through its contributions to the automotive sector. Serving both large-scale manufacturers and small garage operations, we are redefining the landscape of the UK’s automotive machinery market. We also specialize in Automotive manufacturing closing down.

automotive manufacturing

In our previous automotive related disposal projects we have handled assets such as:

• CNC machine tools

• Automated assembly lines

• Surface treatment & painting

• Press lines

• Internal transport

• Site services

• Robot Welding cells

• Logistics

• Test & inspection

New England Asset Solutions’ Impact on the UK’s Automotive Economy 

New England Asset Solutions is a remarkable player in the UK’s automotive sector, especially in the realm of used automotive machinery. Through an expansive range of machinery, which extends from extensive car manufacturing machinery to intricate car workshop machinery, we have gained a sterling reputation for catering to a diverse array of needs within the industry. 


Our activities extend beyond mere trading. The business model is also a testament to the ethos of sustainable consumption and waste reduction. By facilitating the resale and reutilisation of equipment, New England Asset Solutions aids in minimizing industrial waste and promoting a circular economy. This dual economic and environmental impact sets us apart in the automotive machinery market and contributes to the UK’s sustainability goals. 


Who Stands to Benefit from New England Asset Solutions’ Services? 


We have a diverse range of machinery on offer, depending on the job. While multinational car manufacturers can find machinery to augment their production lines, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and independent car workshops also stand to benefit immensely from our offerings. 


The catalog of automotive machines for sale is meticulously curated to meet a wide range of customer needs, providing both quality and functionality at competitive prices. The extensive selection ensures that customers across the UK can find the machinery that fits their specific needs, reinforcing our commitment to servicing the broad spectrum of the country’s automotive industry. 


Guiding the Way in Second-Hand Machinery Sales 


New England Asset Solutions’ process for selling second-hand industrial machinery is both detailed and meticulous. We put the emphasises preparing each piece of machinery for resale with the utmost care. This begins with a thorough cleaning, presenting the used machinery in as new a condition as possible. 


Alongside this, we offer live demos and detailed photographs, allowing potential buyers to view the machinery from all angles and see it in operation. This transparency helps build confidence in the machine’s functionality and the purchase overall. With an accurate and honest description accompanying each listing, buyers have all the information they need to make an informed decision. 


Environmentally Friendly Disposal of Automotive Machinery 


When it comes to end-of-life automotive machinery, New England Asset Solutions upholds an environmentally friendly stance. This ensures that old machinery is appropriately disassembled and recycled, thus transforming potential waste into a valuable source of recyclable materials. 


This approach has substantial environmental benefits. It significantly reduces industrial waste and decreases the need for fresh raw materials, conserving natural resources and reducing energy consumption. Through its recycling practices, New England Asset Solutions is leading the way in sustainable practices in the UK’s automotive machinery industry. 


Why New England Asset Solutions is the Preferred Choice 

When it comes to the buying and selling of second-hand automotive machinery, New England Asset Solutions is the go-to company in the UK. Standing out for our quality commitment, rapid turnaround from valuation to sale, and immediate payout for asset purchase sales. 


Choosing New England Asset Solutions to sell used machinery offers businesses the opportunity to offset costs for newer machines, reinvest funds into their operations, and economically remove equipment they no longer require. This financial flexibility can be crucial in the competitive automotive industry.  New England have also helped out UYS with their Site Closure to see more click here.