Sell your used Industrial & Commercial assets.


Do You Have Any Assets To Sell?

Sell Surplus Machines & Equipment

Turn your redundant plant & machinery and other assets into income. Upload your photos here and send us the specifications and one of our team will get in touch.

Quick offer from our Valuers
Immediate Payment
Dismantling and transportation services provided by professionals

Sell Surplus Production line

Do you need to replace or upgrade a production line. We specialise in complete project removals. Let us take the hassle out of your disposal needs. We will project manage from inspection and valuation to complete removal and site clearance.

Full site visit & assessment by our experts
New England Sales and Strategy Proposal
Experienced Project Management
Professional Dismantling & Clearance

Sell your Complete Plant

Are you in the process of relocating or closing a production plant? New England have partnered with many companies in the UK and globally that required the clearance of their whole facility. Our Plant specialists manage the whole process for your business. We will tailormake a package that suits the needs of your business with expert advice and guidance from start to finish

Specialists in Plant Disposal
Bespoke solution for your business
Dedicated Project Team for continuity and ease

How To Sell Machinery


Manufacturing equipment and machinery asset valuations.

New England can help you identify and value your surplus assets. Our extensive knowledge means we can identify and market your assets to the right buyers. Our global database is one of the best in the industry and growing daily.

We don’t just provide a value that you want to hear. We value fairly and sit true to our core values of integrity, excellence and expertise.

Call our team for an informal chat to see if we can help you value your assets.


Identify, evaluate and provide a bespoke sales method for your asset disposal

Once we are appointed as your disposal partner, this is where the magic starts. We listen, identify and advise on the best sales method for your business. Unlike many of our competitors, we are not part of a larger, multi-faceted business. We are specialists in what we do.

We remain heavily invested in the success of our services and therefore, have to be exemplary in quality and reputation to remain in business.

We are here to get you and your assets the best possible results.


Prepare your assets for sale and marketing through our team of project managers.

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success” Alexander Graham Bell

This is how we work, proper preparation prevents bad performance. We are meticulous with our detail and presentation of your assets. Whether that be one asset or a whole factory closure. Each asset needs its own story.

We log, photograph, video as and when required and provide other marketing tools and features depending on the strategy. By presenting your assets correctly to the market enhances the sale and values on the day.


Market your assets through our differnet sales platforms, e.g auction, private treaty sale, commission sale.

We offer our clients a variety of different options when it comes to asset selling.

  • Online Auctions
  • Asset Purcasing
  • Private Treaty Sales

Client support and audit trail of asset disposal though sales process.

We will support you through the whole sale process, whether that be private treaty sale, online auction or commission sales. We also offer outright purchase and guarantee participation. Get in touch for more details.

Communication is key when running one of our sales. We will keep you informed throughout the whole sales process, involve you in the marketing strategies implemented and run audit trails.


New England can offer a variety of solutions. If you need to get rid of your assets quickly we can buy your machinery directly and give you a fixed price. We have a fast turnaround and can remove your used machinery and assets quickly due to our facilities at headoffice. We have a 15,000sq ft factory with 20 Tonne Overhead crane. We can react exceptionally quickly.

Commission sale – we can sell from your site and we take a commission price from the final sale price.

Guaranteed Price – As value experts we will guarantee a set price. This option guarantees you a final fixed payment which takes away your risk.

Selling assets

New England Asset Solutions make it easier to turn your redundant assets into income. With over 50 years in the machinery business, we understand the industry and know the value of machinery that’s no longer in regular use.

We began life as a machinery servicing, repairs and reconditioning company later branching out into machinery dealing. In 2010, we moved into the world of online auctions, making it easier for companies to dispose of their industrial and commercial assets, and for start-ups and other companies to purchase what they require.

How does it work?

If you have redundant machinery and other assets that are no longer used then it may be possible to sell them and free up capital for other purposes. At New England, we help you through the whole process, finding the right solution for your particular business needs. Unlike some of the bigger companies, we provide a truly bespoke service finding the best sale method for your assets and your specific requirements in terms of logistics and cash flow.

Valuing your assets

Providing an accurate value of commercial and business assets underpins all of the services that we offer. We have over 100 years of combined machinery valuation experience, making us well placed to cover all of our client needs.

As well as providing valuations for sale and auctions, we provide market valuations to enable secured lending by banks and asset finance sectors. We also assist insolvency, recovery and turnaround specialists with up-to-date market information to help them accurately assess deals on the companies they are handling.

Asset purchasing services

In some instances, there’s a need to make a quick sale. This might be because a business is closing or cashflow issues require a speedy sale and freeing up of funds. If that’s the case then our asset purchasing services might help. We purchase the assets and make an immediate payment. We then agree to clear those assets from your site within a mutually acceptable time frame. If you have a need to clear a site by a certain deadline then this may be the most suitable solution.

Commission sales

A commission sale is a flexible and adaptive service for many of our clients. We value and then sell your assets from your site taking a commission price from the final sale value. This is a low-risk, straightforward approach that makes it easy for you to sell your assets and free-up funds.

Guaranteed sale value

As value experts, we can guarantee a set price for your assets, which ensures your final fixed payment. This takes away your risk and can help with planning.

Selling your assets

If you want to sell your assets in the marketplace, then New England can facilitate that sale through one of two means:

Private treaty sales

Our global reach and extensive market experience mean we can help find a potential buyer for your assets. We take full control of the sale, allowing our clients to concentrate on their core business. We target potential buyers and create a bespoke marketing plan in order to sell the assets.

Online auctions

These are one of the most efficient ways to dispose of your industrial and commercial assets. New England is one of the UK’s fastest growing online auction houses and now holds over 300 auctions a year. Whether you’re looking to dispose of a single asset or a complete plant, then we can help you maximise the value of your assets.

Our combination of experience, expertise and flexibility makes us the leading choice for clients looking to value and sell their assets. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.