What services do New England offer?

Do You Have Any Assets To Sell?

Asset disposal auctions

There are cases where asset auctions are required for a fast and effective disposal solution. If you have manufacturing production line machinery, New England will offer immediate payment and deal with the removal and disposal process within an agreed timeframe. If you are to a strict deadline to remove items from the site, this is the best way to ensure that goal is met. It can be any number of production line materials, and it can be hard to privately sell used production line assets.

Private treaty sales

In certain instances, there is a need for an in-person appraisal to properly value your old production line machinery. Internet auction services are not always suitable for some industries and that’s why we are here to help, to take the stress of finding a buyer for your old equipment. Expensive Machinery may need to be inspected to make sure it is up to code for certain uses. With the option to sell your production line assets directly to us, as well as asset auctions, New England will offer a guaranteed sale value to make sure you get a certain amount.


What are some of the surplus production line assets New England have sold?

New England has, and continues to work with many production line companies in several sectors; from food and drink, to manufacturing. We also recommend getting in contact with us to see what the best options are for you. The aerospace industry was estimated to be worth in $300 billion in 2020 and is always innovating with technology. The production line machinery is constantly being iterated and improved. When you purchase new assets, it can be hard to find private buyers for your old equipment. For this reason, we have helped the aerospace industry liquidate their old assets quickly. Sell your old machinery to us to free up space and more importantly, your time.

How can you buy a production line from New England?

New England offers an online auction service for selling or disposing of your used production line assets. Due to our precise appraisal of pricing, you will always get the best price for your used machinery. If you are looking to purchase from us then you can browse our online auction lots here Online Auction Catalogues From New England. You can also look through our past auctions so you can see the sort of machinery and industries we work with.

Why should you choose New England for online auctions?

New England has been helping businesses sell used machinery since 1970 and is now one of the fastest growing asset disposal specialists in the UK. Across a large number of industries, from Manufacturing to transport, New England offers a personal touch to a commercial industry. The company uses its over 100 years of experience between 3 directors to get best value for each and every client. Contact us today and see how we can get the best value for your unused facilities.