Introduction – Learn how New England offered their site clearance and asset liquidation services for a engineering company looking to retire. 

In February 2022, New England was entrusted with the formidable task of facilitating the sale and removal of every piece of machinery, hardware, fastener, and electronic equipment housed within the Si-Plan building in Stratford Upon Avon. The owner of Si-Plan had decided to embark on a new venture, necessitating the complete evacuation of the premises. The challenge at hand was substantial, as years of accumulated equipment, machinery, and electronics had densely filled every available corner of the facility.






Initial Stages: Clearing and Preparation

New England commenced the project by methodically clearing the downstairs area of the warehouse, eliminating clutter and ensuring unobstructed access to the machinery. The removal of debris and clutter was essential to establish clear walkways and provide a comprehensive view of the available machines.

Meticulous Machine Cleaning

In preparation for auction, it was paramount to present the machinery in the best possible condition. Cleaning each machine was undertaken with meticulous care to showcase the exact condition to potential buyers. Before-and-after cleaning examples were employed to demonstrate the significance of this process:

1. Before Clean: The initial state of the machine was marred by dirt and wear, projecting an aged appearance.




2. After Clean: Post-cleaning, the machine’s transformation was evident, radiating a pristine condition devoid of rust, dirt, or blemishes, enticing potential buyers.




Thorough Inventory Assessment

Upon completion of the warehouse area, our site managers collaborated with the business owner to evaluate the smaller, intricate electronic items. Two days of thorough assessment were devoted to determining item values and eligibility for sale, showcasing the substantial nature of this undertaking.

Stock Room Liquidation

Another facet of the operation involved the sale of a stockroom filled with electronic components as a job lot. New England was tasked with identifying potential buyers for the 222,504 items contained within this sale.

External Asset Management

The external premises held additional challenges, featuring three containers and a lorry trailer filled with contents awaiting removal. The trailer was transformed into a workshop, extending the scope of cleaning, cataloging, and sales activities.

Efficient Waste Management

Given the magnitude of this clearance, a significant volume of waste was generated. New England, cognisant of its environmental responsibility, implemented a waste disposal strategy employing large skips for both general waste and scrap metal. Adhering to safe and eco-friendly waste disposal practices, this marked the second set of skips used in the project.

Client-Centered Approach

Recognizing the emotional and often difficult nature of such endeavors for the client, New England was dedicated to providing support and transparency throughout the process. Each step was meticulously explained to ensure the client’s involvement and understanding. This client-centric approach has consistently led to repeat business and referrals, underscoring the value of our commitment to customer satisfaction.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mark, the owner of Si-Plan, for entrusting New England with the comprehensive clearance of a facility that held immense significance in his life. We wish Mark every success in his new venture and look forward to maintaining a connection for any future requirements. This case study exemplifies our dedication to delivering comprehensive site clearance and asset liquidation services, tailored to the unique needs and sensitivities of our clients.

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