New England were contacted in June 2022 by a manufacturer of engineered access solutions to provide a full site clearance solution which involved the valuing and selling of all assets plus full dilapidation works.


Our remit was to prepare the building for handover to new owners including the disposal, decommissioning, and removal of machinery within the building.

This included repairs to the roof, floor, ducting, oil tank, and gantry removal, and deep cleaning of both the internal and external areas of the building all to be concluded by the end of Oct 2022. New England then preceded to gather information regarding the machinery and assets to be disposed of and provided the client with an offer for all the assets they had listed.

During the first week of the project commencing there were a number of remedial works added in and we were also informed that several of the machines in the building would be continuing to manufacture for at least another few weeks so that the client could manufacture the last of their stock; this meant that the original plan for the dilapidations was to be amended and that part of the building couldn’t be worked in due to the health and safety of the personnel working there. Our dilapidations team then created a new project plan and this was authorised by the client. The assets that New England had now bought from the client were moved into the area that couldn’t be accessed to allow the team to continue with the project plan and complete their deep cleans once repairs etc had taken place.

Throughout the duration of the project, there was a weekly site meeting held where there was a representative from each party (New England, Dilapidations team, Client, and New Owner) to discuss progress, issues, etc; this very quickly determined if the plan needed to be altered in any way. New England organised the safe removal of not only the assets we had bought but helped with the transport and removal of items that the client was shipping to another branch ensuring this was all completed within three days (This was a large amount of machinery which needed several lorry loads).


The time frame that was given at the start of the project was always going to be difficult; however, New England completed all works required within the timeframe and the client was more than happy!


Client quote: “Thank you for all your help, we will definitely be in touch again should we have any assets to sell, or any dilapidations works required in the future”.

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