New England were appointed as UYS Ltd preferred asset disposal partner. There were 6 companies in the running for the job but New England’s experience in selling of assets quickly and efficiently worldwide was what lead to the team’s appointment.

UYS were under a strict deadline as the building and land were also to be sold as part of the closure. Moving 14 presses and over 17,000 items was always going to be a difficult task. Watch the full video to understand and see the full scale of the job in hand.

Closing a site isn’t just about disposing of the assets. It’s managing and understanding the delicate situation that the business is going through. Let New England find the best solution for your business needs email or call +44 (0)121 544 9867

Its been a busy 12 months for the New England team as they were appointed UYS’s preferred asset disposal partner back in December 2020

The team were chosen by the Tier 1 manufacturer to not only sell all their assets but to clear and hand over the massive factory completely empty in a 12 month process.

Watch the whole video to see the process from start to finish…

Understanding our delicate and sad situation of permanent closure alongside the tight time frame required to totally clear the site was paramount.

New England’s management & communication to UYS staff at all levels is applauded. Their hard work and dedication to the UYS team have made a difficult situation that somewhat easier.

I would have no trouble recommending New England as an asset disposal partner, and site clearance specialist. I would personally like to thank New England & IPP for being pragmatic & efficient throughout.

Thank you

Colin Thomson

Colin Thomson

Senior Manager, UYS Ltd