Asset Disposal companies are professional machinery valuers and auctioneers who specialise in the sale of used machinery. When you appoint an Asset Disposal company, you’re not just selling your machinery – you’re also appointing a team of experts who will manage the entire sales process for you. This includes conducting a comprehensive valuation of your machinery, organising an auction or private treaty sale, and marketing your machinery to buyers worldwide. As a result, you can be confident that you’ll achieve the best possible price for your machinery when you appoint an Asset Disposal company.

Asset Disposal offers a comprehensive solution for selling your machinery. We provide a free valuation service to help you assess the worth of your equipment. Once we have an agreed upon value, we will auction your machinery off to the highest bidder. Our auctions are conducted both online and in person, giving us a worldwide reach. If you would prefer to sell your machinery through private treaty, we can also facilitate that. Asset Disposal is the simplest way to get the most value for your machinery.


When companies need to dispose of production lines or manufacturing plants, they often turn to specialized firms that can help with the selling of machinery and equipment. These firms typically have extensive experience in asset valuation, auction management, and private treaty sales. They also usually have a global reach, which is important for finding buyers who are willing to pay top dollar for the assets. In many cases, these firms can provide a one-stop solution for companies that need to sell their industrial assets quickly and efficiently.


New England have a worldwide network of buyers that we can reach out to. We also provide marketing and advertising support to help sell the assets. As a result, we are able to get the best price for the assets and help to minimize the disruption to your company’s operations. We also have a combined 100 years worth of experience in machinery valuations, project management and site clearance. For more information, please email disposal@newengland.co.uk

There is also some really useful information at https://www.gov.uk/business-asset-disposal-relief and https://www.gov.uk/capital-gains-tax with ref asset disposal! Hope this helps.