We are Factory Clearance Specialists

Let our team advise on the best factory clearance options for you and your business.

Factory Clearance Specialists and services

Whether you are relocating, closing, or restructuring your factory, our team can help you with all of your clearance needs. We specialize in the clearing of factories and commercial businesses, and we have the experience and team to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Our team based in the Midlands allows us to cover the whole of the UK and Europe and we have cleared 1000’s of businesses and generated income from surplus assets and recycling for our clients.

Our Services Include

Dismantling and Demolition

Our team of engineers dismantle plant and machinery from facilities daily. From single machines to whole production lines. You can rest assured that our team can react quickly and within budget.

We offer

  • Production line decommissioning
  • Machinery and Equipment decommissioning
  • Plant and Facility decommissioning
  • Machinery Relocations
  • Industrial Relocations
  • Machine Moving Specialists
  • Machine Cleaning and Preparation

Watch how we cleared UYS LTD Site in different phases which included 2 AIDA Presses. We dismantled and sold these machines to buyers ready and waiting from our database.

Asset Disposal

New England can generate income from your assets. If you are looking to completely clear your site we can guide you and find assets that you probably didn’t even know had value. We can find value in our factory clearance services to negate clearance costs.

We can offer a bespoke solution to your asset disposal needs. We can buy all your assets at an agreed price and clear your whole factory. Or we can offer a factory clearance online auction and prepare all your assets to take to the market. There are other options available, call our team today to arrange a site visit and find the best solution for your factory clearance.


When clearing out factories there will always be scrap metal, disposal of old machinery and equipment. New England manages and advises on the best ways to recycle or dispose of unwanted scrap because not only do we want to help you, but we also want to do this in a sustainable and ethical way. We all need to be doing our bit for the environment.


Not only do we offer exceptional Site and Factory Clearances, but we can also project manage and advise on any dilapidation works you may have. More often than not, when clients need to relocate they responsible for handing back the factory to the landlord in an agreed condition, this usually requires some remedial or dilapidation work carrying out.

Because we have helped 100s of clients over our 50 year journey on full factory clearances and dilapidation works, we appreciate It’s a stressful time, and having to arrange a factory clearance can be a minefield. So we take that stress away by managing the whole process for you.

Site and Factory Clearance

Asset Disposal

 Recycling and scrap metal collection

Cleaning and Prepping

Full Dilapidation Works and handover

And you will be assigned a project manager for the whole factory clearance process. Our PM will manage and liaise with you and your team on a weekly basis, advise on the best factory clearance options for you, arrange and manage collections and asset removal, liaise with contractors and subcontractors on your behalf and leave you with a empty factory ready for handover or sale.

Call now to arrange a site visit with our factory clearance specialists or email disposal@newengland.co.uk