Do you have Used Engineering Machinery to sell?

Are you looking to sell your Used Engineering Machinery? New England buy and sell all types of used machinery from used lathes; used milling machines, used grinding machines, used saws, used drills and various used pressing machines.  We understand that the industry is developing new technology  and companies are having to upgrade to keep up with the competition and new trends. If you need to sell your outdated or surplus machinery, then our team can help. Developing countries are wanting to buy good quality used machinery and we have buyers all over the world waiting to buy all types of used machinery.

Since 1712 with the advent of the Atmospheric (Steam) Engine by Thomas Newcomen, engineering has been at the heart of the UK’s economy. Great engineers such as James Atkinson, Matthew Boulton, James Brindley & Isambard Kingdom Brunel all played their part during the Industrial Revolution which cemented the UK as the global leader in engineering and manufacturing. The knowledge from our past engineers has been passed down through the generations which allows companies like New England (which was founded by and still owned by Engineers) to have a very good insight into the modern-day engineering industry and the equipment used to service it.

Types of Used Engineering Machinery we buy

New England has found buyers around the globe for engineering machinery and equipment from conventional machine tools such as

  • Lathes
  • Milling Machines
  • Drills
  • Saws
  • Grinders
  •  state-of-the art CNC Turning Centres
  • Vertical & Horizontal Machining Centres
  • CNC Lasers & Punches
  • Automated Drilling & Sawing Lines
  • Robot Welding Cells.

Specialists in Asset Disposal of Used Engineering Machinery & Equipment

We are specialists in the disposal of assets for all types of industrial & commercial equipment, with engineering machinery and used assets being number one. From individual machines to whole engineering facilities, read our case study on how he helped DOE Precision on their site clearance option.

If you are an engineering company looking to sell your used machinery, then you will be speaking to a team that understand the industry and the specifications of your used equipment and assets. We are specialists in our fields, just like you are. Contact us today for more details.