Auction Machinery with New England. Whether your Business is relocating, merging or closing, we can maximise the financial returns for your Assets.

Auctions have been a great source of acquisition for hundreds of years, with the first Auction taking place as early as 1674. Since then, technology has progressed exponentially to where almost everything is Online. Online Auctions are in principle the same as traditional Auctions where people bid on commodities in the hopes of getting a good deal. 

Holding an average of three hundred Online Auctions per year, we are perfect Business to Auction Machinery. We are the fastest growing Online Auctioneering Website and sell a variety of assets to the Global Market.

Auction Machinery with a professional and committed partner! We are a trusted and reputable source with a Global Address Book of ready-made Buyers.

Our team has managed multiple Production and Manufacturing Warehouse and Factory clearance projects, making us the experts when it comes to large scale factory asset sales. This is via Online Auction and Private Sale for high value Industrial Machinery, Plant, Vehicles and Equipment.


It is widely recognised that Online Auctions are now the most efficient way of disposing of Industrial and Commercial Assets. Whether you have a single item or a complete plant for disposal, New England has an Online Auction for you!

You see, a traditional Auction room requires people to come to the venue but an Online Auction offers a wider scope for sale. Having more opportunities to sell to National and International Clients gives Online Asset Auctions a higher potential to increase value. Due to the reduced costs of putting on an Online Auction, this means Commission Sales Fees can be lower and can save money. Not only costs, but they can also save time as there is no need to travel. Due to the flexibility of Online Asset Auctions, New England can engage in industrial asset buying, through purchasing, disposing and selling. Making the process completely effortless for any Business that may need asset liquidation.


New England offers a personal touch to the Commercial Industry. Our team are here and ready to help you:
– Maximise the Financial Return for your Assets
– Sell your Assets on Tight Timelines
– Clear Entire Factories and Warehouses Quickly

We have access to hundreds of thousands of motivated buyers and use a combination of our own comprehensive database, print advertising and online advertising of our Asset  and Machinery Auctions to attract buyers on a global scale. Auction Machinery with New England and you can sell assets to Asia, USA, South America & Africa as well as the UK and Europe.

Managing the entire process for you, our bespoke disposal solutions enable us to offer support for Businesses of all sizes and individuals. Buy, sell and manage your surplus assets with New England and our unrivaled turnaround times.

New England has been in business since 1970 and has grown to be one of the fastest growing Asset Disposal Specialists in the UK. Contact us today and see how we can Auction Machinery and get the best value for your unused facilities.